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Shin played the drum with a Elephant as ODD at Wetterleuchten Festival in Tirol Austria.

先日、オーストリアのチロルで行われているWetterleuchten Festivalという音楽フェスにウサギドラマーとしてODDのゾウさんと参加してきました。

It was really nice place and nice event. And we had a very much funny and strange trip somehow…


I got there by airplane. from Vienna to Innsbruck I took a propeller airplane first time on my life..was a bit scarely… A Elephant pestered me to ask that those propeller are too small for the airplane’s body…Shut up! a Elephant I don’t know, I don’t think so…


That flight was OK. not really confortable. but still It’s OK.
I saw such a nice view from the airport where I would play that night on the mountain.


I was getting so excited!! BUT!!! Some of my drum parts which a Elephant had wasn’t brought to there…lost baggage on my first experience…
Though what’s done is done. we had a hiking on the mountain.

いよいよテンションもあがってきて、さぁ行くよだいちゃん!!えっ 荷物が届いてない。。。人生初のロストバックした人の連れの人になってしまった。

Of course we had a exciting GIG!!


After the gig we went down the mountain by a last cable car at 2 o’clock AM midnight. I thought finally i would go to bed.
BUT!!! The key was lost…no I lost the key…first time in my life.
Its cold and raining outside, And one black cat was following us. strange…


Luckly we didn’t catch a cold and back in Berlin. There are some more funny things happened. Ask us if u wanna hear that.
BTW was funny trip thanx Daisuke and people there!