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  • Performance, Workshop in UK & France / イギリス&フランス公演とワークショップ

    Im writing about our shows in UK on March and France on April.
    In UK, we had 1 show in Birmingham and 2 shows in London and Its our first ever performance in UK.
    We felt different responses from other countries as always.

  • went to Egypt in 2015 vol.02 / エジプトに行ってきました。vol.02

    After we visited Pyramids, we went to a desert!
    (The first half of blog is HERE)


  • went to Egypt in 2015 vol.01 / エジプトに行ってきました。vol.01

    We had decided to visit in Egypt When we talked about new projects in january 2015.
    It was wonderful and awful experiences there! And we found how we have our life safety in both Japan and Germany.

  • A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 ★☆

    I wish you have a wonderful year 2015!


  • After back in Berlin 2014 / ベルリン戻ってきましたよっ

    Hello everyone! one month has passed since we were back in Berlin.
    It’s getting colder bit by bit.

  • ラビ&ピースtour 2014 vol.03 / ラビ&ピースツアー2014 後編

    Hey! It’s the last post of our tour in 2014.

  • ラビ&ピースtour 2014 vol.02 / ラビ&ピースツアー2014 ヨーロッパ編

    This post is ラビ&ピース2014 tour in Europe.
    We had shows in Paris (France) → Trbovlje (Slovenia) → Bologna (Italy).
    It was unexpected warm weather and we had wonderful experiences.
    ラビ&ピースツアー2014 ヨーロッパ編です。
    パリ(フランス) → トロボブリャ(スロベニア) → ボローニャ(イタリア)の3カ国での公演がありました。

  • ラビ&ピースtour 2014 vol.01 / ラビ&ピースツアー2014 前編

    Hi friends!! We have stated the tour “ラビ&ピース 2014”. And writing the report of the 1st half. We have met many new friends and had great experiences. After all, meeting as face to face is the best way to feel and talk each other on any subjects. Roughing together, confusing together, reconsidering together…
    いよいよ、usaginingen(ウサギニンゲン)のラビ&ピースツアー2014 が始まりました!! 今回もとっても素敵な出会いと濃いぃ〜〜時間が過ごせてラビ&ピースなusaginingenです。ではでは、はじまりの九州からまとめてみまーす!

  • Fusion Festival 2014

    We went to Fusion Festival 2014 is a music festival and presenting its own film festival and art projects. The venue was a large place in the Air Force Base site of the former Soviet Union Army. We are not good at crowded place in general but the people there were really peaceful and full of smiles. We loved it!!
    Fusion Festival 2014という野外フェスへ行ってきました。ベルリンから車で2時間ほど、会場は旧ソ連軍の空軍基地跡地で広大な場所。人が多い場所は得意ではないけれど、ここにいる人たちみんなのラブ&ピースの雰囲気に人間ってこんなにハッピーなんだって思ったよ。いつだって幸せで、生きてることを楽みたいよね。

  • usaginingenから、一時帰国のお知らせとお願い☆★

    *notification for Japan

  • 2014 Spring in Berlin & Recent Activities / 2014ベルリン春 & 制作活動

    It’s been long time since the last post on it. Spring has come to Berlin and people enjoy this fantastic weather!

  • went to Reykjavik Iceland 2014 / アイスランドへ行ってきました〜☆

    We performed at Reykjavík Visual Music PUNTOyRAYA Festival 2014 in Reykjavik Iceland and got a Live Cinema session Award!
    アイスランドのレイキャビックで開催された、Reykjavík Visual Music PUNTOyRAYA Festival 2014 に参加し、Live Cinema sessionでグランプリを受賞しました☆

  • Merry Christmas from Berlin 2013 ☆ / ベルリンからメリークリスマス 2013★

    Hello everyone. It’s a Christmas season in Berlin. This winter is warmer than usual. (till now…)
    There are lots of events on this season such as a market, live, party and so on..
    Let me introduce you a bit about them that we joined.

  • One month has passed after came back to Berlin / ベルリンに戻ってからの1ヶ月。

    Its been colder and colder, darker and darker everyday here in Berlin.
    We tend to stay indoor in winter season…So that we took a walk in recent days.

  • 写真日記02 in 香川 2013 / Photo Diary of Kagawa02 2013

    Now Im telling you the 2nd half of photo diary in Kagawa.